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Pre-order The Vengeance Trail

The Kindle version of my new novel, ‘The Vengeance Trail’, is now available for pre-order for only £1-99 (or equivalent outside of the UK) by clicking HERE.

Pre-order the Kindle version now, and it will automatically be sent to your e-reader on Publication Day, 28th July!

Happy with the reviews so far!

I’m very happy with the first reviews of my debut novel, ‘The Waning Moon’.

Click HERE to read the reviews that have been submitted so far.

If you’ve already read the book, and have a few minutes to spare, I would really appreciate an honest review on Amazon, thank you!

Click HERE to leave a review on Amazon.



An experiment with QR codes

The new business cards have just arrived and I hope that people will find the QR code printed on the front of the card useful.

Scanning the code with one of the many smartphone apps available will open the mobile version of this website on the phone.

Let me know what you think!

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