‘Annie Murdoch: The Moon is for Dreamers’ is my third and latest novel.  Unlike the first two books, this one is set in England and Ireland and is in part inspired by the stories my father told me about his childhood and his love of nature.

Annie Murdoch was seventeen but she was still only a child.  The only friends she had were Jessica and Josh Langman.  All she wanted other than their friendship was to spend time with Cal, her enormous dog and Demon, the horse she adored.  She had a wild and wilful nature but there wasn’t a nasty bone in her body.

That was, until the day that David Morton changed all of that.  Annie swore she would get even, and that she would make the Morton family pay.  It was a vow she made to herself, and one that would change her life forever…

‘Annie Murdoch: The Moon is for Dreamers’ is now available worldwide both in paperback and Kindle formats, as well as to borrow online.  See below for the different options to obtain my new novel…

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